What is Bitcoin (BTC)? A Bitcoin Summary

Welcome to a brief summary of Bitcoin, this is meant to be short and to the point to give you an idea of what you are investing in. I alway recommend you read the Whitepaper for a more detailed explanation of the cryptocurrency you are interested in. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin, or BTC as the coin symbol, is the first ever cryptocurrency to be created. It was created in 2009, shortly after the worldwide financial crisis by a person using

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How to send Bitcoin (BTC) – Coinbase

So you’ve purchased your first Bitcoin, congratulations! Now what? You’ve heard of how amazing it is, how no one controls it, how it’s decentralized and how can you can send BTC across the world without going through a 3rd party. Well yes, it’s all true! The following steps are for sending Bitcoin out of Coinbase and receiving it on my Exodus wallet, but the guidelines can be applied to any Bitcoin address, whether it’s a Bitcoin address on a cryptocurrency

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How to buy Bitcoin – Coinbase

There are many ways to purchase Bitcoin, but for a newcomer, my personal favorite is Coinbase. Coinbase is based out of San Fransisco, CA and has been around for several years now. Get $10 if you use my referral link to buy Bitcoin at Coinbase¬†(you’ll need to purchase at least $100 worth of Bitcoin). Click here to go to Coinbase. As of now you can purchase Litecoin and Ether(eum) as well, but you’re here for Bitcoin. Let’s go through the

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